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AneriDEALS is a start-up brand of premium quality customized bottles, and home and kitchenware. An ideal kitchen and home must have the proper utilities and AneriDEALS provide products that are required in kitchens based on their utility and function. The safety of plastic bottles meant having to sacrifice style and quality, but not anymore, when you choose AneriDEALS. Founded in India in 2018, dreaming of encroaching into the world of daily use products to chase its dream aiming to provide sustainable and high-quality products and caters to astute customers who appreciate unique designs and top-quality collections hard to find anywhere else. We uphold great expertise in designing and manufacturing in-house Plastic bottles, plastic-based household products bottle Printing & Foil processing at a reasonable price range that is completely “made in India". Nowadays carrying a water bottle is not only confined to need but it is eye-catching and fashionable too. AneriDEALS has launched an extensive range of high-quality water bottles of various shapes and sizes. We gladly provide customizations for our products. Our products are non-toxic, eco-friendly, sustainable and reusable. The kitchen and household tools should be easy to handle, good quality, safe to use, and of the correct shape and size. Every kitchen should have a variety of storage accessories of different shapes and sizes to help you store every type of food. We provide a variety of kitchenware according to every trivial need. What makes us different? Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. With lots of products in the market, it's the quality which differentiates us and helps us to achieve such popularity throughout the world. We stay focused towards quality stability and improvement because we aim to sustain as the foremost choice of customers globally. All of our business procedures are handled in completely customer-integrated ways so that we can match the expectations of our valued customers and provide them with a satisfying experience. Our Mission Our Mission is to make a difference through our plastic-based products by staying ahead of the market trends, defining various styles and needs, and giving customers ample room for satisfaction. Delivery AneriDEALS strive to deliver products purchased in excellent condition and in the best possible way in the shortest possible time. We ensure on-time doorstep deliveries not only in India but globally. Environmental Corner We keep the environment as an integral pillar in all stages of operational procedures. We understand that manufacturing and industrialization can have a huge impact on the environment. Keeping this in mind, we source materials from sustainable suppliers who are also committed to providing materials with proper environmental standards. Our team For flawless manufacturing, quality testing, storage and allied industrial operations, we have experts in every department. All the engineers, designers, technicians, quality controllers and other individuals possess vast knowledge and experience working in their respective jobs.

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